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Lepidium Peruvianum Chacon (Maca)
Lepidium Peruvianum Chacon is a perennial plant root cultivated high in the Andes Mountain Plateau at around 14,000 feet.
It is the only plant species that can survive under such extreme weather and soil conditions. It is also the only plant that can grow on such inhospitable land with intense sunlight, fierce winds, rarefied air and sub-zero temperature.
It is safe, 100% organic and naturally grown without any artificial fertilizers or chemicals, pesticides (no pests could even survive on such altitude).
Effective Ingredients Effective Organs/Glands Functions and Effects
Maca amide, Maca olefin/alkene and mustard oil Hypothalamus Regulating the secretion of hormones such as androgen, estrogen, progesterone and enhancing sexual vitality, prevent and control menopausal osteoporosis and prostate disease
Alkaloid Pituitary Counter fatigue and depression, enhance fertility and ovulation, boost sperm vitality
Amino acid and minerals Sex glands and other organs Nourish testis, ovary, sex glands and organs; boost energy and regulate blood pressure; enhance immunity; strengthen heart functions
The Incas of the high Andes region in South America had been consuming Maca since five millennia ago.
Maca is cultivated and produced widely around the world such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Holland, Swiss, Japan, France, Australia and Spain. Maca is a health food and sold as capsules in the market. The usual dosage is 500mg, to be taken 4 to 8 capsules per day.
Maca is recommended by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) as safe and healthy and has recommended to NASA, Peru 8000 Mountaineering athletes, and the Japan - Korea Football Match 2002.
Discovery Channel, USA The global sales volume of MACA reached US$400,000,000 in 2003!
<WHOLE FOOD> Magazine, USA MACA became the Top 10 hottest herbs in America in year 1996!
CNN MACA recovered menstruation of menopausal women!
Tianjin Daily News, China MACA solved the 'Stamina' problem for men! Peruvian herb MACA could raise sperm counts!
Symptoms (ailments) No. of Patients Duration (days) Effectiveness Result
Fatigue and depression 1680 30 92.2% Energetic, refreshed and rejuvenated
Mental pressure 230 30 69.6% Relaxed and ease depression
Female sterility 300 60 66.7% Increased ovulation
Menstrual disorders 620 30 88.7% Regulated menstrual cycle
Female menopausal syndrome 340 30 73.5% Ease menopausal problems, improved blood circulation and help in anaemia
Decrease in sex drive 1120 30 94.6% Increased and rejuvenated libido
Low sperm count 300 60 60.0% Increased sperm count and enhanced fertility
Impotency and premature ejaculation 470 30 69.4% Enhanced male potency and overall vitality
Male menopausal syndrome 310 60 77.4% Enhance male potency and overall vitality
Sexual dysfunction 660 30 75.6% Dysfunctions regulated and sexual life improved for both men and women
High blood pressure 740 60 70.3% Blood pressure regulated and improvement in health
Diabetes 210 60 57.1% Regulated and satisfactory improvement after test
Rheumatism 310 60 82.0% Ache and soreness disappears
Bronchitis 130 60 84.6% Apparent reduction in symptoms
Rickets 160 60 62.5% Seemingly improved ailments
Anemia 440 60 86.4% Enhanced blood circulation, replenished blood, enhanced metabolism
Constipation 230 30 62.7% Relief constipation, easy bowel movement
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