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Bio-Activated Energy (BAE)

Bio-Activated Energy (BAE) is a scientific breakthrough that promises to revolutionise various industries including fields in cosmetics, health foods, medical treatment, agriculture, and even sexual performance.

Products imbued with the properties of BAE have been found to influence the behaviour of many natural and man-made phenomena in a wide range of ways. Decades of research has so far revealed that this energy can:

- potentially destroy and inhibit cancer cells (under clinical testing)
- reduce and alleviate pain in the human body
- enhance plant growth and improve soil quality
- increase the efficiency and power of motor vehicles
- keep living cells alive longer
- neutralise air contamination and reduce water pollution
- improve general health
- counter the effects of the various harmful electromagnetic radiations
(See product labels for other benefits!)

What Is BAE?
BAE is a form of pure and natural energy derived directly from the Sun. Using our proprietary technology, this energy is harnessed, balanced and 'stored' by integration into natural minerals extracted from the earth.

BAE has a special characteristic that enables it to nullify harmful radiations and affect properties of other substances. BAE products have been found to actively enhance the health of users and reduce their stress levels, as can be observed by using the GDV Camera.

How does BAE work?
BAE works on a few different levels but its power is in the wavelength of its radiance. BAE works on liquids by breaking down substances such as water and oil into smaller molecular bundles. This improves absorption by our body and makes the substances perform more efficiently. Medicinal oils work better as a result of better absorption rate, even motor vehicles have better performance efficiency.

The wavelength of BAE nullifies harmful radiations from devices such as cellphones, televisions and computer monitors by working on the electromagnetic spectrum. Recent discoveries have also found that BAE products work on the human body on a level that has never been fully understood until now. These new discoveries, made by Russian scientists, confirm the beneficial effects of the BAE products.

A Brief History
More than 20 years ago, a team of scientists in Korea discovered a unique technique to harness energy from the sun and a special process devised to “store” the energy. This energy is known as Bio-Activated Energy (BAE).

In the years that followed, intensive research was done to commercialise the application of the energy. Subsequently a whole range of products was produced that demonstrated the power of BAE. Through empirical evidence, BAE showed amazing results in a wide range of applications. In fact, the results were sometimes so impressive and unprecedented that the scientists struggled to explain the effects of BAE.

It was not until BAE came to the attention of Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, a world-renowned physicist that true understanding of the power of BAE was achieved. Dr. Korotkov and his team of physicists discovered that BAE actually changed the properties of bio-objects on an electromagnetic level. These changes were recorded and documented and were found to be consistently and easily measurable using Dr. Korotkov’s Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) technology, which combines state-of-the-art computers, electronics and optics technology.

How can BAE help the human body?
BAE works on different levels. One is the physical level where its strong energy field actually changes the physical properties of the bio-object. Another way that brings beneficial changes to the human body is through transformation of the human body’s unique biological energy field, more commonly known as the aura.

When water is treated with BAE, its properties are changed radically. The water molecules are broken down into smaller bundles of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, H2O. The smaller cluster size of H2O penetrate cell membranes easier, and tagging along with the atoms are oxygen ions, which are beneficial to cellular activities. As a result of this, the cells are healthier and it has been proven that whilst normal cells live for 90 days, cells exposed to the treated water can live for up to 120 days. Studies have confirmed water treated with BAE to be the purest and highest quality water. The treated water can carry more O2(oxygen) so consuming and using this water will give the body more O2. In O2 rich environments, aerobic microbes beneficial to human cells thrive but nonaerobic microbes like cancer cells find it hard to survive. The presence of more oxygen in the cells also inhibits free radicals in the body. Free radicals are recognised as agents for cancerous cells.

Similarly when medicinal oil or cream is treated with BAE, absorption properties are increased so that the therapeutic elements can penetrate deeper for better healing effect.

Until recently, scientists and researchers alike have found it difficult to explain all the amazing effects that BAE has on humans, plants and other objects. The effects were there to be seen, the empirical evidence overwhelming. But no solid theoretical postulations could account for all the different effects. How does BAE change the properties of other objects? How could it affect such a diverse range of different objects? How could it negate radiation emission from cellphones?

Measuring the effects of BAE
When Russian physicists Dr. Konstantin Korotkov and his associate Professor Edward Krizhanovsky came across the BAE products, they were intrigued and preceded to run their own tests on the BAE phenomenon. Dr. Korotkov is a renowned figure in the world of physics and happens to be the inventor of the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Technique – a tool that measures the energy field that emanates from all bio-objects. The GDV camera is used in medical, scientific and academic institutions worldwide for purposes of research and diagnostics. The GDV camera is used in mainstream and alternative medicine to measure the field of energy that surrounds the human body.

In the course of their investigations, the physicists discovered that application of BAE on a subject resulted in an improvement in the subject’s energy field, which corresponded to improvements in certain aspects of the subject’s well being. The GDV device not only measures the energy field of a subject but also based on Chakra or Acupuncture points, is able to interpret the energy field emanating from different zones of the human body. They discovered that the BAE products actually possessed properties that enhanced the healthy energy waves whilst nullifying the unhealthy waves that emanate from the human body.

The Basics of the Human Body’s Energy Field
According to the teachings / practice of Chakra, there are centers and flows of both spiritual and emotional energies throughout the human body. The flow of this energy maintains the well being of a person. Similar to Acupuncture, different points in the energy flow are linked to different functions of the body.

This energy flow, or field, actually manifests itself as a sort of electromagnetic emanation or biological energy field that covers the whole body. The existence of some kind of body glow or radiance had been acknowledged in many different religions and traditions throughout the world. Many ancient paintings depict holy or heroic figures with a glowing halo above the head.

In more modern interpretations, it is now accepted that a field of energy does cover all beings. This field is called the “Aura” and has been captured by modern science as an electromagnetic field. According to studies, different organs in the human body emanate different energy fields. Collectively, all these fields make up the aura of a person.

Using the thousand-year-old studies of Chakra and Acupuncture as foundations, Dr. Korotkov succeded in combining his GDV technique with these ancient disciplines. The result has been phenomenally successful. A perfect marriage of ancient and modern medical techniques, his GDV instruments can easily diagnose a whole range of body functions based on just analysis of the aura of a person. A properly trained operator can observe a subject’s illnesses (or onset of illness) by just looking at the subject’s aura. Even the stress level of a subject can be easily measured.

The Effects of BAE on the Human Body’s Aura
According to Dr. Krizhanovsky, every cell and organ in an organism has its own characteristic wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum. This is the organism’s aura. When this aura is disrupted by external influences in the form of pathogenic waves, and these waves are not removed by the body of the organism through self-healing, disease or illness will result. This event is clearly shown as an imbalance in the aura of the organism.

If these pathological wavelengths are removed, its cells can then use self-regulation to re-attain its dynamic balance, which was earlier not possible due to the blocking influences of the pathological waves. Thus health can be restored to the organism.

In other words, when stress or illness begins to afflict a person’s body, the body is disrupted by external, unhealthy (pathological) electromagnetic waves. Only when these waves are removed or cancelled, can the body start to heal itself.

BAE products have been found to counter and negate these pathological waves, thereby allowing the healing process to begin. The physicists discovered that the energy fields within all BAE products cancel out negative pathological waves whilst amplifying the positive physiological waves which build up a healthy aura in an organism.

The same principle applies for the negation of harmful radiations from cell phones and television sets. Wavelengths harmful to humans are cancelled or neutralized by the strong energy field of the BAE products.

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