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Tribulus Terrestis

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It is an evergreen trailing plant that grows in China, India, Eastern Europe and Africa.
Our ancestors discovered that Tribulus Terrestris could be used as an aphrodisiac supplementary for male impotency since 5000 years ago.
Sponsored by the Bulgarian goverment in the 80's, Sophia Pharmaceutical Research Institute has developed a special prescription with Tribulus Terrestris as its main ingredient to boost energy and sexual competency. The prescription has assisted the Bulgarian weight-lifting athletes with its outstanding performance at the Olympics.
Sports and health food with Tribulus Terrestris extracts is increasingly popular in the American and European markets recently. A great number of athletes and sports players are attracted to this health foods.
    Main Advantages of Tribulus Terrestris
1) Improve hepatic functions
2) Enhance blood circulation and clear stasis
3) Prevent coronary heart disease and angina pectoris
4) Release mental pressure
5) Enhance eye sight
6) Cease/relieve itching
7) Prevent allergy and sensitivity
8) Improve gynecological problems
9) Stimulate breast milk secretion during lactation period
10) Firm up muscles
11) Boost energy
12) Stimulate sperm productivity
13) Enhance androgen

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